Frequently asked questions

Do you have international shipping?

Yes - we provide international shipping to most places in the world. Check out our SHIPPING button on the Homepage for more information.

Am I able to do wholesale orders?

Maybe - Since most of the items in the shop are made in small batches and on a monthly basis, wholesale orders may not be accepted depending on the size of the order and other various factors. Send us an email with the details of your desired wholesale order and we will do our best to fulfill it.

Can I shop and pay without a credit card?

Yes - we have an etransfer option if you don't have a credit card to pay. This way, you can use a debit card. Visit the CART page for more information.

Does The Average Bear Shop have a physical address?

No - the shop is mostly based online only. Occassionally, we will partake in flea markets or craft sales, otherwise you will have to shop via our website or through Facebook/Instagram messenger. We use a physical address only to collect jars for our RECYCLE PROGRAM, or for customers to pick up locally made orders.