The Average Bear Shop is an eco-friendly small business based in Manitoba, Canada and ran by Olivia Harrison. Launched in November 2020, this shop focuses on creating quality handmade home, jewelry, and bath items that are cute and simple in nature, and are wrapped in eco-friendly packaging, so customers can feel great about using each and every product in more than one way! 


The average bear represents you and me. We create products that suit any person, at any age. Our designs are simple, cute, and are tailored for every day use and wear, as well as for special occasions, with a unique and creative twist.



The inspiration around the design and look of every products is nature. We understand that most people are becoming more conscious of the products they use and where they come from; how they affect the environment and our bodies. We want to provide customers with quality eco-friendly candles and jewelry at affordable prices as a unique alternative to the traditional paraffin waxes and harmful metals often found on the market today. 


The Average Bear Shop is locally owned and operated in Brandon, Manitoba and ran by a small team of two, including Olivia and her mother Bettie, who are friendly and devoted to help every customer have a pleasant experience through the shop.