The Average Bear Shop aims to eliminate the need to throw out environmentally harmful materials as much as possible! Many of our products come in reusable glass and plastic jars so you can keep them for your own DIY projects or to your heart's desire. If you do not wish to keep your jars, you can drop them off if you are local and receive a $5 off coupon for your next purchase (you'll receive an email), or you can follow the steps below to properly clean them out so they can be recycled properly.

Here we will share some steps how you can easily clean out your jars once they are done being used, so that you can reuse them for other purposes or recycle them properly.

Visit our PACKAGING page to learn how to recycle the leftover materials from your candle jar. 


Remember to treat your jar gently when cleaning! Do not put the jar in the dishwasher as a means of cleaning out the remaining wax or remaining product, or leave it fully submerged in water. Use soft tools to remove wax and other materials (we recommend silicon) instead of metal tools that might scrape the surface and compromise the integrity of the container.


1. Boil some water

2. Fill the jar with hot water and let stand for 5-10 minutes (the wax will soften and might even float up and away from the bottom)

3. Use a silicone tool to lift or scoop the wax up

4. Drain the water from the jar

5. Carefully remove the metal wick clips and glue dots (if applicable)

6. GENTLY wipe out the inside of the jar with soap and water (with a soft sponge is preferred) 

7. Pat the jar dry with a towel or paper towel (do not rub)

8. Let the jar dry completely before reusing 


Follow the same steps as above, except do not put boiling water in to the jar. Simply use warm water from your tap instead. 


(Don't forget to check out our PACKAGING page to find out where to put all of the leftover materials you removed from your jars.)