The Average Bear Shop aims to eliminate the need to throw out environmentally harmful materials like glass jars by offering our cement jars as a cute and versatile alternative! Our jars come in a range of colors that are sure to match your home décor needs, and come in the perfect size to travel with or fill any room in your house. Our jars are made by hand are use significantly less material than factories that create mainstream glass or tin jars. We also reuse building materials to make our jars to prevent unnecessary waste. 

Here we will share some steps how you can easily clean out our candle jars once they are done being burned, so that you can reuse them for other purposes. As well, we will share some simple upcycle ideas for our jars that we think are easy and creative!

Visit our PACKAGING page to learn how to recycle the leftover materials from your candle jar. 


Remember to treat your jar gently when cleaning! Do not put the jar in the dishwasher as a means of cleaning out the remaining wax, or leave it fully submerged in water. Use soft tools to remove wax and other materials (we recommend silicon) instead of metal tools that might scrape away the acrylic seal and paint on the jar.  

1. Boil some water

2. Fill the jar with hot water and let stand for 5-10 minutes (the wax will soften and might even float up and away from the bottom)

3. Use a silicone tool to lift or scoop the wax up

4. Drain the water from the jar

5. Carefully remove the metal wick clips and glue dots 

6. GENTLY wipe out the inside of the jar with soap and water (with a soft sponge is preferred) 

7. Pat the jar dry with a towel or paper towel (do not rub)

8. Let the jar dry completely before reusing 


*Our candle jars are not suitable to be eaten from. 


(Don't forget to check out our PACKAGING page to find out where to put all of the leftover materials you cleaned out from your jar)


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