We want to help reduce our carbon footprint on the world, and so we developed a local recycling program that aims to keep our glass and plastic containers from the earth and instead give them a new (or renewed) purpose! 

Visit our PACKAGING page to find out how to you can properly dispose of your average bear products (hint: most of them can be recycled, biodegraded, or composted!). 


If you would like to clean out and reuse your The Average Bear Shop glass or plastic jars, follow the steps on our JAR AFTER CARE page for more details. 

*In order to recycle plastic or glass containers, they MUST be cleaned first or they will not be accepted at recycling depots. This means all labelling must be removed too. Our labels are biodegradable. 

If you DO NOT want to keep your containers after you've finished using the product inside, PLEASE DO NOT THROW THEM OUT in to the trash. If you live locally around Brandon, Manitoba, please consider dropping them off at our shop's address to receive a $5 off coupon code (delivered by email) for your next purchase. You DO NOT have to clean out your jars first before you drop them off. Simply stop by our physical address and leave your container(s) in the designated box with one of the tickets filled out (stick it inside your jar). We will clean out the jars we receive and reuse them. 


1,000 years
to decompose


1,000,000 years
to decompose