The Average Bear Shop strives to provide customers with quality products packaged in eco-friendly material. We seek out environmentally friendly packaging materials as alternatives to harmful plastics, chemicals, and other ingredients that are used in mass productions. Below is a list of all the packaging materials we use and the best places to put them (for the environment) when you are done!


Put these items in your blue recycle bin

  • Metal Wick Clip*

  • Jewelry Card Holder

  • Shipping Boxes

  • Shipping Labels

  • Candle Facts Card

  • Thank You Card

  • Paper Hearts

  • Kraft Tape

  • Kraft Bag

  • Kraft Shred

  • Candle Label


Put these items in your recycling bin

in a bag labelled biodegradable


take to a nearby biogas plant/add to compost heap

(find out more about biodegradable materials here)

  • Warning Label

  • Washi Tape


Put these items in a compost bin/compost manure heap


(find out more about composting here)

  • Coconut/Soy Wax

  • Wood Wick

  • Natural Hemp Twine

  • Natural Cotton Drawstring Bag

* cleaned